Why We Offer Free Web Hosting

$00 Free Host is a free service providing free web space hosting to its members. We can offer our services for free because $00 Free Host is advertiser-sponsored. A banner advertisement will be placed on the member's free web pages. You can choose between having at banner at the top of your pages (default), or you can have a popup by putting a tag in your html code. We hope this will not intrude too much on your web page. For those of you wanting to use $00 Free Host without a banner advertisement, we offer Pro Accounts (paid upgrades). Pro Accounts start at $6.95 per month and will allow you to use our hosting service with no banner at all, and have additional features and benefits. In this manner, we hope to provide great service to all users of $00 Free Host. Whether you use our free web hosting service (with banner advertisement), or use our upgrade webhosting service for a more professional look, $00 Free Host can't be beat!!

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